Am I dreaming?

While serving on the board of our organization’s Employee Resources Group, I was always on the lookout of great speakers whom we could invite for speaker series. From Srijan Pal Singh (Founder & CEO), Kalam Center, to National Award winners Shasha Tirupathi and Ashish Vidhyarthi. What this gave me was access to amazing people whoseContinue reading “Am I dreaming?”

The lyrical challenge ~ Day 2

From my childhood, I’ve always been a dreamer and there has been no control over things that I accomplish in those dreams. Maybe that’s why the first time I heard the song, “I have a dream”, it made my belief and reasons to dream even stronger. So here it goes: “I have a dream, aContinue reading “The lyrical challenge ~ Day 2”

A conversation

Me: In my dreams these days, I’ve been seeing celebrities whom I admire. What does that mean? Friend: Maybe, there are bigger things waiting for you. Me: Really? You think so? Friend: Yes, but don’t make this a yardstick for your success. Me: What do you mean by yardstick for success? Friend: I mean, don’tContinue reading “A conversation”

Captured in one frame

My love for music,  my role model and my roots. A.R. Rahman “Encore” , an experience of a lifetime and a dream come true.  So awestruck by the beauty of the sets and above all the patience with which the concert was performed  by Rahman Sir. I could see him doing everything at a timeContinue reading “Captured in one frame”

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