I do not belong to this world!

“Because I live in the world of my imagination where everything looks exactly as I want it to be.” ~ A child.

What a child needs is something attractive (to them of course :)) and the moment they get hold of it, no one can stop them. My niece and nephew often reminds me of this and most recently through these artistic drawings that they mercilessly drew on the walls of their house. They definitely have a story for what they do but do they care about the outcome or how it looks. No. What keeps them going is the sense of satisfaction in keeping themselves active and engaged in their “adventures”.

Made me think, why spend money on wall paintings for my new house. Let me call these little artists and give them a day to fill the house with innocence.




The child in me

When I was in school, I used to avoid drawing classes. My creativity never went beyond drawing a village scene, a home, trees or birds when I was handed a blank paper to draw.

Lately, when I was gifted a box of color-pencils by my far away friend in Philippines – the child in me was brought to life again and I started getting curious and enthusiastic to try to draw images and fill colors to it. Google of course came to my rescue to start with. Here is one of the drawing of “Our Lady of Guadalupe”. This is not perfect, but I was happy to see myself accomplishing something as simple as this.