An innocent blackmail

Think again. I won’t allow you to watch TV. I won’t let you watch Doraemon or Pokémon.


A man whom I will call Akash, came rushing with a suitcase in his hands. Behind him was a young woman, let’s call her Vidya. He checked for their seat which turned out to be next to me. Seeing me, I could sense that he was very relieved. He started inquiring my destination. I said,Continue reading “Silence”


I always love getting into conversations with my 4 year old niece because of her cute and unfiltered responses. Last time we met, I got to learn from her that brain is in the stomach. I couldn’t stop myself from 😂 😂. But seriously thinking about it now, makes me feel, life would have beenContinue reading “Unfiltered”

Happy Liu..

“Me, I wanted to live up to my name and be happy. That’s not to say I wasn’t annoyed, but everyone should have a bird singing inside them as well as a crow cawing” 🐦 🎶 😊 ~ Happy Liu From Happy Dreams A Novel by Jia Pingwa

For you a thousand times over! 

That voice is not our heart or our soul, it’s that friend who is with us through our thick and thin.

An unavoidable phone call

Mom: Net isn’t working? Whom do you think you are trying to fool. I can see you post daily on Facebook.. Commenting on the pages of political parties.. But, why are you following these pages.. Why don’t you keep yourself away from all this? I want you to focus on your studies.

The child in me

When I was in school, I used to avoid drawing classes. My creativity never went beyond drawing a village scene, a home, trees or birds when I was handed a blank paper to draw. Lately, when I was gifted a box of color-pencils by my far away friend in Philippines – the child in meContinue reading “The child in me”

Golf Swing

Improve Your Game



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