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Here’s mine. What an amazing way to pay tribute to Alan Kurdi, and to the many refugee children who are caught in the trap of homelessness. It’s unimaginable what they are going through and the efforts required to rebuild their lives for a better future. “Sea Prayer” made me play a small part in redefining the hope for these little ones. Even though this is not a full-length novel, the intention is what inspired me to be a part of this. Do grab your copy too.

Captures from home..

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Ramadan Kareem

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A memory I captured recently about my love for “Azaan”. Reblogging this and also wishing everyone a Happy Eid.

Ayesha's Diary

Ramadan is my favorite time of the year just like Christmas, Easter or Diwali. No. No. I’m not disclosing my faith here. I’m just about to share my story with one of them.

My love for Azaan began when I was in school. Next to our school, was a big mosque. It stood tall and colored with a blend of dark and light green.

As everyone probably knows Azaan, is a call to prayer five times each day. A reminder for everyone to stay connected to the Divine.

During the class it would happen, when the Azaan would start at the mosque, as always they sounded like music to my ears. I felt so connected spiritually and this holds true even now though years have passed.

My love since then has only grown deeper 🙂 and I’m always excited during the Ramadan season. A season for self-denial, fasting and the…

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5 Benefits Of Writing More Than One Article Daily

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Reblogging this.. Great post.

Renard's World


Currently, there are lots of bloggers who write more than one article on a daily basis.

Are you one of those bloggers?

If you answer happens to be “Yes,” you deserve a standing ovation.

And, if your answer is “No,” that is alright, because not every blogger is in the position to produce more than one article on a daily basis.

Short articles (those that are around 500 words) are much easier to write.

Most bloggers are capable of writing more than one short article on a daily basis.

Long-form content (articles that are around 1200 words and over) can be a bit challenging for a blogger.

Believe it or not, there are bloggers who produce articles that are 2000 words and over; I like to refer to them as, “The champions of long-form content.”

Some bloggers are quite capable of writing more than one of those articles that fall…

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Food for thought…

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Last weekend, after lunch I stopped by the Belgian Waffle to buy waffles for my niece and nephew. Going through the menu and deciding what to buy is always a pain with the fancy names.

So I decided to go by the pictures and whatever looked best. Since it was a takeaway, I had to wait for a while until I could get my order done. So instead of taking a seat I just looked around to see the artwork.

Even though it was a small place where hardly 10 people can be accommodated, they had done a good work to make it look cool. I was impressed!

However, I left the place with the below message alongwith the waffles.

~ Ayesha