Born to fly..

Born to fly..

As I passed by a tree, I saw a little birdie welcoming the morning sun with its beautiful singing. I stood there, watching it, to hear the singing without having to tune into YouTube or Spotify. There was so much energy and hope in its voice. I can’t recall the last time I woke up with so much zeal to welcome a new day, all I can think of is to snooze that alarm for another 15 minutes which turns in to hours.

The little birdie flied from one tree to another now joining its group of friends. The chirping becoming stronger than before.

I told the birdie,

“I wish to be like you, like your friends –

To welcome each day with arms wide open

To be swift to embrace the new adventures,

To have wings like you, so I could fly, wherever I wish to go,

I wish to be a free-bird,

Like you!”

“YOU ALREADY ARE”, replied the birdie and flew away with the flock of birds.

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