Sophie and the mirror..

Sophie and the mirror..

The flowers had started to bloom. Sophie looked on each side observing the colors of the different flowers and soaking in all the happiness she could.

She decides to sit for a while under the shade of the tree. Settling down,her hands felt something strange on the ground. She picks it up to find a little mirror. It was not an ordinary mirror. It was shining like gold. She saw herself and smiled.

“Hello, my friend” – she heard a voice. There was no one around her. It’s me, the one you are holding in your hands. Sophie panicked. Was she dreaming. She had read in fairytales about a speaking mirror,but was this for real?

“Yes,it is” , said the mirror. “Since you now have me,you can ask me anything. I am your friend”

“Hello, mirror? Is that how I should call you?” -Sophie asked reluctantly.

“Call me your friend! Now, tell me what’s on your mind? But remember,I do not make wishes come true, I only show you the way.”

“I still can’t believe what’s going on, but since you ask what’s going on my mind. Tell me despite this beautiful day, despite me enjoying it, why do I feel an emptiness inside? Why do I feel that I am not loved? I think about all the occasions when I poured out love for the people I cared for, but why doesn’t it come back?” – Sophie asked. It was as if she was waiting for someone to ask her how she was feeling.

“Maybe, you should love yourself (a little bit more) to be able to love someone else. Unless, you don’t fill yourself with the love you deserve, how is it going to reach others?” – Her mirror friend responded.

“How to do that? I have seen and read things about self-love but I don’t really understand how far to go. “

” It is not as complicated as it may seem. Think about the last time you had a proper meal savoring the taste of what you are having? You probably don’t know or remember, because it has become so difficult to stay in the moment with yourself.

The happiness that you seek is inside you, the more you know yourself,the more you learn to accept who you are and love yourself despite the flaws.

Take time to pat yourself for how far you come. There are so many reasons to believe you are stronger than what you think you are. You have an immense power living inside you, eagerly waiting to be activated.

Give it a try and see where it leads you to!”

In a blink of an eye, Sophie’s hand became empty. She felt as if she was woken up from a dream. But there was a peace that she was experiencing like the one after a strom. She felt good to have been in face to face with reality even in her dream-like conversation.

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