A small celebration :)

A small celebration :)

This month marks the start of my six months, living in a different country away from home, and also since I left a stable job to give wings to my dreams.

Last year same time, I would’t have imagined that I would have been here. A lot happened in the last few years. There were moments where I felt lost, which is still true. Because I still am searching for my destination.

What is happening in between, is me taking the path which I think will lead me to where I want to be. There are lots of uncertainties. Not a day goes by when I do not think about the future. But more often I replace them by reminding myself there is nothing to worry.

Because if I had the courage to decide and take a path, soon the way would become clear. I remind myself of the people I met here, whom I was destined to meet. All beautiful people from different parts of the world. I see a reflection of myself in each one of them, with light in their heart and moving towards their dreams, one day at a time.

And what about the city? Well, yes. People and places are no different to me.

I have lost count of the number of cities I changed in the past few years. As soon as I think this is going to be the place for life, I have to pack my bags again to another place. Whereever I go, the city embraces me as I am. It has been a witness to so many stories, heartbreaks, scars and dreams. And it continues to take and absorb more and more with all love and warmth it has to offer.

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