Time travel

For two weeks, the classes are generally conducted in an older building of the school located near the main one. Initially, I was too lazy to find this building and wondered what was the need to switch between two buildings. The first day was okay, I was already late for the class and then looking for the class room. I could barely notice what was around me.

The second day, a more familiar place, I could notice the silence of the place. During my first break, I thought to move out of the classroom to take a look around. As I starting observing, I wondered how old the building would be. One of my classmates said it used to be a religious building.

That added to my curiosity. The building is from 17th century and currently residence to students and nuns. There are also offices and classes conducted like ours.

“At that time, the Ursuline sisters lived semi-cloistered, and a hundred nuns were responsible for the education of young girls.” “When one enters the enclosure of this cloister today, the gaze of the visitor is drawn to the inner courtyard where a mascaron fountain sits in its center. Time travel begins here.” – Lamontagne.fr

Unfortunately, the entry to the courtyard is restricted

I am yet to explore this historic site, but this image made my day. It felt like this picture just paused the time, a nostalgic feeling for the women in the picture, whom I do not know of. The picture itself is worth thousand smiles.殺

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