Good things take time

Good things take time

My aunt sent me this picture today.

This plant was one of my treasured possession few years ago. I bought this and few other plants when I moved to my new home. “New Home”, the thought of it was surreal because I never dreamt of owning one. And each morning, I looked forward to seeing if they were doing fine. To make them survive in the scorching heat of a city like Ahmedabad was a challenge. Nevertheless, thinking about those days still fills me with gratitude.

Just when I thought this is it. This is where I am supposed to be, things changed and I had to move to another city and a new home. I had to let go off my treasured possesions. And my aunt got this hybrid bougainvillea. Like us humans, plants also takes time to adjust in their new environment. So it took time for it to adjust to the new soil. Years have passed but she still takes care of it like her child. All these years, it never bloomed, when it did, it was just a few, so seeing this picture only makes me feel happy about it no matter how far I am. And proud of the hands it has landed to.

I wish you all a blessed Happy New Year.

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