An Unsolved Mystery :D

An Unsolved Mystery :D

Language, considered to be the most common way to communicate and converse. When left to a completely new place without the fluency of the local language, it leads to a fear for survival and the dire need to know the basics.

It has been no different for me. I’ve always dreamt spending my time in social work and getting connected with the local community in need. But, how will I converse with them has been the question that goes on, in the back of my mind.

My grandma however has been a perfect example for me that language isn’t a barrier in conversing. After spending her lifetime at her native, she willingly accepted the opportunity to travel and stay with her children and their families, spread across different states of India.

Our house was situated in the outskirts of a little town. And the people who surrounded us were farmers who owned huge acres of land and spent most of their time taking care of them.

The owner of the land was a lady, aged probably same as grandma. When she was on her usual visits to the farm which was near our house, she never missed an opportunity to talk to my grandma. Both didn’t had a common language to talk, my grandma spoke in her native and the old woman spoke in gujarati.

After she would leave , we used to ask grandma, what were you two talking about. And to our surprise, grandma always had a perfect answer to it with details around their conversation.

Well, to this day it still remains a mystery how they made it work. Even though, both of them left for their Heavenly abode they continue to inspire us with these memories of them.

And here she is.. Our hero.. ❤ ❤

19 responses to “An Unsolved Mystery :D”

  1. Beautifully penned 😊…. maybe It’s because of the purity of their souls that they were able to do this and they Always will be able to Converse No matter where their souls go ❤…

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  2. Well as someone who has lived in a new place every three years, I think what I go by is emotions and common words. Many a times I don’t understand much but my the way a person talks I usually get a good idea about the topic. Still since your grandma used to come verse with her on a daily basis I’ve got to say that’s a skill.

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  3. Loved it!
    I don’t know how this place works. Can you please get some people to read the stuff I write? I mean, only if you like it. Can you please ask your followers to check out mine also? (OMG this is so cringeworthy-asking/begging people to read the stuff you write)


    • Hi there, sorry it had been a busy couple of weeks for me… The best way to reach out to people is to check others post – comment, like and share your experience. That ways you will be able to connect with a number of bloggers and also invite them to check out your blog posts. Hope this helps 🙂 Also, there are many articles written by the WordPress bloggers on how to improve your network and reach out to more people here.

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  4. Your grandmother was wise. When we take away words, or the understanding of words, what we are left with are the essentials of communication; the willingness to open ourselves to commune by whatever means possible.

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