A re-introduction –

A re-introduction –

Couple of weeks ago, I got an opportunity or rather I would say, I took the opportunity to attend a workshop, that was themed as “Partnering with Life”

As the name itself speaks, the workshop was all about embracing life by adding different flavors to the way we approach it.

Not a new concept! Isn’t it? Since years, there are so many books written, movies made, speeches given – aimed at introducing us to life in a more meaningful and impactful way. We see, we hear, we agree to all of it, only to come back to a reality where changing an old self is so difficult.

I had the same thoughts when I went to the workshop, but I also believe in the fact that, when we welcome these learnings with an empty mind, we never come back empty handed. There is a take away that stays with you forever, and will be reminded at the right time.

Who am I? Was a question, that constantly reminded me of the way I see myself more than how I introduce myself to the world. When I am asked to introduce myself, I usually end up, giving Γ  one liner introduction that only reflects, what I do for a living πŸ˜‚ But this session was an eye-opener even for simple things like this, that connects me to the world. Here I am, re-introducing and re-branding myself to you all –

“Call me Ancy, Aswathy or Ayesha, Ancy is the name my parents chose for me, Aswathy is the nick name only because this is also my zodiac sign as per Malayalam calender, Ayesha is the name I chose for myself as a writer. I work with a reputed organisation, and I am also a traveller, a singer, an aspiring writer, a leader, a linguist, a storyteller, an adventurer, a photographer …. And my goal is to keep adding to this list”

I invite you to also reintroduce yourself in the comments section below.

26 responses to “A re-introduction –”

  1. Hey Ayesha. My birth name is B Gayatri Lavanya. Some people call me Gayatri and some Lavanya but I prefer Lavanya as that’s my given name. I’ve lived across many cities and states and experienced many cultures and that’s something that fully reflects in my personality and life. Apart from this I love listening to music, binge watching shows and movies, reading novels and and absolute die hard POTTERHEAD.

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    • Hi Lavanya,

      Thanks for reading and sharing your introduction. Pleasure to know you. Gayatri and Lavanya both beautiful names. πŸ™‚ Getting to live in different cities is definitely an enriching experience. I only realized it after I recently moved to a new city. So indeed you are blessed with that unique experience. Cheers! <3<3


  2. My given name is Cherie, but my pen name is Rose. I am a mom, wife, library clerk, writer/author/poet/painter/jewelry maker/messy chef/ nature and animal lover and advocate. I also try to make people aware of both sexual abuse and child abuse. But most of all, I just try to be the best person I can be, and maybe help others do the same along the way through kindness. πŸ™‚

    It’s nice to meet you, Ayesha. Thank you for sharing this!

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  3. I love this. I’ve always wondered why, when we meet someone, we ask ‘what do you do?’ rather than ‘tell me a story about yourself’ or ‘tell me who you are’. Although, I believe, most people would follow even those questions with what they do for a living. I think we are conditioned to not talk about ourselves out of a fear of appearing egotistical, or of having a fake humility. I also think it’s a sign of society, that we judge people or make assumptions about people based on what they ‘do’ rather than who they are. Me? I always wanted a more dramatic name than the common ‘Lisa’. And yet I chose to not write under a pseudonym. I am a forest spirit, lover of trees, and, unfortunately, a bear magnet. I am a mother and wife and friend and sister and aunt…and most importantly, to me anyway, a storyteller. And it has taken me way too many years to become brave enough to say that. Thank you for a wonderful post and for starting this dialog. And for making us think about how we perceive each other.

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    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for the wonderful introduction.. You are absolutely bang on with your comment on how we are conditioned. There is so much that you do as well. The best part is your storytelling which I can see from your comments and blogs.. RΓ©ally appreciate you participating in this conversation and keeping this active. πŸ’πŸ€—


    • I agree.. This is one of the rare platform where people are so encouraging and full of talent. I’d be happy to connect with you as well.. Do let me know the best way.. 😊


  4. So good to connect with you Ayesha. I am just like you – the only difference is that : You are working for a reputed organisation and I worked for many MNCs. Started as a Management Trainee in a PSU in 1971 and moved to Private Sector in 1981 as the country sales manager of a Volvo Subsidiary. Then to Gillette and HP and Fujitsu … became the CEO of a logistics company in 1996. Company house, company car, a beautiful and loving wife, a good and loving son.. everything a person could ask for…. but then I realised the emptiness of all the glamour and material pursuits (had started on the meditation path in 1996) and quit the Rat Race in 1998 – a few months short of my 50th birthday.
    Since then life is so awesome: Love, Travel , Meditation….
    I live in Pune now with my son, daughter in law and grand daughter. Have lived all over the country. Have visited all states in India except North East. Have been to more than 15 countries in 5 continents.
    Am a healer and a counsellor. All my services are free (one hug for any serviceπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—). Also am serious about MSR (My Social Responsibility)
    Have just started to learn singing and harmonium.
    Incidentally I have a Malayalee daughter too 😊


    • How did I miss this comment?

      What an amazing introduction. So glad to connect with you. I can say you have seen and experienced pretty much everything and settled in life in true sense. πŸ™‚ Love, Travel and Meditation – I long for something like that. I often wish I didn’t had to worry about earning and pick up something that I love or am passionate about. But I am hopeful I will reach that point someday and I try my best to keep myself in touch with art and hobbies in whatever way I can. Thanks again for participating and keeping this conversation alive. Hope to meet you someday πŸ™‚

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  5. Wow , loved this idea.
    I too struggle to introduce myself often.
    But I’ll try , let’s see how it goes.

    My name is Sumeet aka Accidental Blogger on wordpress. As the name suggests, being blogger/writer/poet/photographer was never planned. But I’ve always felt that I should keep doing new things & never get comfortable being the same person or doing same things.

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