Take a little time for yourself

Take a little time for yourself

I strongly believe, that if there is anyone who can make you happy, then it has to be yourself. No money or person can bring you the happiness which you would get by investing in yourself. I never let go of any opportunity that would allow me to explore the unknown outside of my routine.

Attending a workshop on “Urdu Calligraphy” was an experience of a lifetime in recent times.  Persian, Arabic, and Urdu are few of the many languages that I have always been in awe of. The carvings and writings in Urdu or Arabic found in historical Mughal monuments have had amazing stories to say. Often wanting to decode the beautiful and artistic writings, experiencing the writing myself through the calligraphy helped me connect more deeply to this art.

As I held the pen and started to try my hands on a new form of writing – I was feeling so content with the work I was doing. There was no pressure to be perfect or to be better than someone else. As we were experimenting in our groups, there was only smiles, laughter and learnings we had to exchange with each other.


Credit goes to Project Kitabat and Hobbmob for organizing this memorable event.  Follow their page for the next event in your city.

15 responses to “Take a little time for yourself”

  1. I love the photos. I’ve always wanted to study these languages. Just recently I started learning Japanese Kana and I love writing them. Maybe I’ll take a class on Urdu calligraphy like you did. I strongly believe that the more we know about one another, the more love there will be in the world.

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    • Japanese sounds fascinating..is it difficult ? I can completely relate to your thought about knowing more. It’s just like knowing a person. The more you get to know the more you can feel connected.. And thank you so much for stopping by. 💕😊

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      • Japanese isn’t as difficult as you might think. You start with the alphabet like English and after the alphabet then you start on the kanji which are symbols that represent words. Then the sentence structure is a little different. And the way you speak is different than english, they speak in a string of sounds that are all joined with hardly any pauses between and that’s how they write too, no punctuation. I love it. It’s much easier than I thought it would be. I love learning languages.


      • That’s good to know. Will definitely explore if I find an opportunity.. I love learning new languages as well so this should be a good one on my to-be-learned list 🤗😊

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