Ramadan Kareem

A memory I captured recently about my love for “Azaan”. Reblogging this and also wishing everyone a Happy Eid.

Ayesha's Diary

Ramadan is my favorite time of the year just like Christmas, Easter or Diwali. No. No. I’m not disclosing my faith here. I’m just about to share my story with one of them.

My love for Azaan began when I was in school. Next to our school, was a big mosque. It stood tall and colored with a blend of dark and light green.

As everyone probably knows Azaan, is a call to prayer five times each day. A reminder for everyone to stay connected to the Divine.

During the class it would happen, when the Azaan would start at the mosque, as always they sounded like music to my ears. I felt so connected spiritually and this holds true even now though years have passed.

My love since then has only grown deeper πŸ™‚ and I’m always excited during the Ramadan season. A season for self-denial, fasting and the…

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6 responses to “Ramadan Kareem”

  1. A lovely memory with a lovely photo to accompany it. I, too, grew up hearing the call to prayer. Where I live now people tend to complain about church bells ringing, or calls to prayer, or music, if they are too loud. Ugh, what is life if it is only lived to the sound of traffic and aeroplanes and angry voices. Ramadan Kareem.

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  2. I feel the same way about Christmas. Since I’ve always studied in Christian schools, the lights and carols and weather all made the atmosphere sooo amazing. I guess that’s the beauty of India, our country made us appreciate other religions and love them and there festivals like our own too.


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