Shades of Shadow

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“Mommy…. “, came the little one running to her. “I want you to draw a picture of shadow for me “, she demanded.

She didn’t quite understand the mysterious smile that Mommy gave her as an answer to her demand. But she knew Mommy would do it for her, because Mommy always did whatever she wanted.

Later that night, as her Papa forcefully shut her eyes at the sight of a hanging shadow, she knew shadows would haunt her forever !!!

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5 thoughts on “Shades of Shadow

    1. Hai, Honestly I was taken aback by the power of writing as I penned this down. I felt very cruel writing it! And yes in all reality, it is just a story..
      Shades of Shadow, the phrase just hit me and as I was searching for something related to it, today morning as I woke up, this was the story that literally choked me up!

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