“Those Who Walk Alone have the Strongest Direction”

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Mysterious Senses

Success can be a lonely road. It can be a tough road.It can be a hard road.It’s not for everyone.Those who follow others like sheep will never know who they truly are.Only those who follow their own path can discover their TRUE POTENTIAL.

Those who fly alone have the strongest wings.Those who walk alone have the strongest direction.The rest will always be IN NEED of others for their survival.They will always need attention.Need recognition to survive.You are at peace alone.Needing no attention.No recognition.And STILL you can THRIVE.


I’m not saying those who have support are weak.I’m not saying you must go it alone to gain strength.This is just for those who have fought battles alone,those who have felt like they don’t fit in,those who have never had support in anything they do.All of those who feel no one believes in them…You don’t need them to believe in you IF YOU…

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