The pink bow!

World of Words

The world has been divided into pink and blue forever. As a little kid, little did he know of the repercussions , that came along .

As the family welcomed his little brother, he could think of no best gift than his favourite handcraft.

He never understood why everyone scorned as he placed the little pink bow in his brother’s cradle.

As he grew up, he knew all the answers when all his pink shirts were teased and frowned upon!

But as he bid farewell to the world of monotonous colours, his little brother gave the best bidding gift – The Pink bow!!

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16 thoughts on “The pink bow!

      1. It is a choice and each must choose for themself. Careful, I may climb back on my soap-box! 😉 Alas, if you are where I believe you to be, you are surrounded by many who lack a conscience.

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    1. Hey thanks.. Particularly this one was a reblog so I’ll share with the writer.. Thanks for reading and your kind words.. Do let me know how you find my page.. 🙂


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