Be inspired

Be inspired

Finding a reason to be happy? To feel energized? To be determined? To be grounded? Watch – Fatemah Qaderyan speak about her journey.

The stories of refugees and there struggles have always moved me. These days, we have a tendency to feel bad about our own life when we see all those posts on travel, food, fashion, weight loss and the list goes on. We follow a page based on our liking and over a period of time we tend to start getting frustrated on ourselves assuming our life and our achievements isn’t a perfect one.

I am no exception and that’s why I try not to immerse myself too much into it by also staying updated and reading stories of the real heroes whose life may not sound glamorous but still have so much to tell the world with there strength and courage to overcome all the odds.

Their stories is a also an opportunity to be thankful for what we have around us the freedom, the right to education, support of the families, our friends and everyone who have been a part of our journey.

Leaving you all with this powerful story of Fatemah.. Be inspired!

11 responses to “Be inspired”

  1. Check out a page called Humans of New York if you already don’t. It’s basically a page in which the admin shares thoughts and struggles of people he meets on streets. It’s a really inspiring page and reading about others struggles always makes me quit complaining and start working.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this must see video and for adding your insights. Everyone’s life must be painted from a full color palette… involve far more hues than the dreary blackness of bullets and lurid redness of blood, which Fatemah Qaderyan speaks of! Upon hearing her story, every clearheaded, warmhearted soul will instantly regard her as their hero… as you do.
    Thank you, too, for opting to follow my blog. Had you not, I’d be unaware of your fine writing style.

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      • You’re welcome. I blog from the heart on a wide variety of topics. After I grow weary of blogging / slogging through the dismal, American political scene, my posts refocus upon the positive stuff… e.g., my nearly lifelong passions for reading, playing piano, telescopic skywatching and traveling about the sci-fi big / small screen universe.

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