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Ramadan Kareem

A memory I captured recently about my love for “Azaan”. Reblogging this and also wishing everyone a Happy Eid.

Ayesha's Diary

Ramadan is my favorite time of the year just like Christmas, Easter or Diwali. No. No. I’m not disclosing my faith here. I’m just about to share my story with one of them.

My love for Azaan began when I was in school. Next to our school, was a big mosque. It stood tall and colored with a blend of dark and light green.

As everyone probably knows Azaan, is a call to prayer five times each day. A reminder for everyone to stay connected to the Divine.

During the class it would happen, when the Azaan would start at the mosque, as always they sounded like music to my ears. I felt so connected spiritually and this holds true even now though years have passed.

My love since then has only grown deeper 🙂 and I’m always excited during the Ramadan season. A season for self-denial, fasting and the…

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Food for thought…

Last weekend, after lunch I stopped by the Belgian Waffle to buy waffles for my niece and nephew. Going through the menu and deciding what to buy is always a pain with the fancy names.

So I decided to go by the pictures and whatever looked best. Since it was a takeaway, I had to wait for a while until I could get my order done. So instead of taking a seat I just looked around to see the artwork.

Even though it was a small place where hardly 10 people can be accommodated, they had done a good work to make it look cool. I was impressed!

However, I left the place with the below message alongwith the waffles.

~ Ayesha

To die is certain

Love this..



I know I’m doomed to die;
Maybe today, end of the day
Or some other day if not today;
Somehow, I’m doomed to die.

I don’t want to fight for fame,
For fame does not long remain;
No matter we name it fame or shame;
I’m certain, it’s doomed to die.

I don’t want to live in a dream,
For I know I’m doomed to awake,
Nor I want to dry your dreams;
For I know, they’re doomed to die.

Don’t think that I’d love to die,
Or I would dash inside and hide,
For when it knocks our own doors;
I know, we all are doomed to go.

Copyright © August 19, 2018, Newton Ranaweera
Image source: Pixabay
Inspiration from William Shakespeare’s “Song: Fear no more the heat of the sun”

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Love this post by Katie Kay..

Katie Kay

Hello, my wonderful readers! I wish you an incredible Friday and an even more incredible weekend.

As I’m writing this, there is a stray thunderstorm booming above my house, but it is acting as the perfect backdrop to my introverted, homebody personality today. Since I haven’t shared anything in a while, I thought it would be perfect to share my favorite reasons for why writing is good for you–in terms of your health, emotional well-being, and overall satisfaction!

To begin, I think it is important to remember that there are various types of writing, and various types of writers. There are novelists, who write books; poets, who pen poetry; journalists, who are supposed to report on facts; short story writers; essayists and diarists; and bloggers, probably like you!

No one type of writing is better than the next, and that is important. Also, if you enjoy writing poetry, it isn’t…

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Found this from a page I follow..

I’m watching you..

An off from work on a weekday is truly a bliss. I slept like a log the entire day. It’s when I woke up in the evening, I realized how much I was deprived of sleep.

I made myself some coffee and as usual sat down to relax in my small balcony garden. It was already dark and I could hear the laughter of kids playing downstairs and a group of women chanting prayers on the other side.

When you are surrounded by buildings there isn’t much to see.

But in the dark, I saw this little creature watching me.

In a wink, I was taken back to my childhood memories with my cousins. Seeing a helicopter butterfly (that’s what we called it as kids) always fascinated us. They came in different colors and usually found in groups. We’d work hard to catch them, hold it for few seconds and then let it fly.

This one was a different view, without the colors still beautiful.

Blogging Tip: Mental Health & Blogging Statistics

I really loved this post by Kaylaanauthor.. Reblogging it for my readers..


A blog is a lot like a person and just like us, blogs go through their own hills and valleys. That’s right, I’m talking about your stats.

Have you ever noticed how your stats seem to climb crazy high some days and other days, there is barely a distinguishable stump? Here is my advice to bloggers:

Don’t Obsess Over Your Stats.

A lot of bloggers measure their success based on how many people viewed, liked, commented on, or reblogged their posts. Don’t get me wrong, that stuff is awesome and encouraging but if you base the success of your blog on the success of your stats you are going to fail.

Yes, good stats often reflect a good blog, but over-analyzing them can lead to self-doubt, a sense of never being good enough, and inability to post due to a fear that it will not garner enough of a reaction.

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Books, and a dream

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” ~ Mother Teresa.

Happy Monday Dear All,

It was a peaceful and a relaxing morning today. My mornings usually begin with good and relaxing music. I think it helps so much to set the tone for the entire day. There is a sense of gratitude, helps boosts ideas on my next writing/improve my writing or plan out on the goals.

I’ve been making notes of everything that I want to achieve in life because that’s a sweet reminder to my dreams and makes me determined and focused to pursue them.

One thing on my list is to create a Kalam Library and be a part of Dr. Kalam’s dream to give the access of books to all young souls despite what background they come from.

I wrote a few posts in connection to this in the past. You can check them out here:

It’s a small world

So here is what happened next

Here’s a recap!

Fortunately, early this year, I got an opportunity to partner with a very inspiring young lady, Charmy and together we set up a library for the kids at the Juvenile Correction Facility in our city.

It doesn’t stop here.

My goal now is to independently open one all by myself, for which I have begun hunting for the place and I hope to make this happen as early as possible. I am writing it here so I don’t forget this goal.  🙂

This world measures success with career and personal accomplishments based on how much wealth or fame you earn. But to me, we are successful if we can change one life positively with one single act of kindness. And when we do, no need to keep it to ourselves. We need more people to join this mission and be inspired to make “Our world” a better place.

I hope you have a great week ahead.

~ Ayesha

Selfless (?)

World of Words

She never understood why people were raving about selfless love..

Unconditional, purest form of love, they called it !!

She mocked them all inside her heart,

For the grass was always greener on the side !!

She, herself was a victim of a selfless love..

Where he didn’t want her for himself,

For he always said, ” You don’t have to do this for me”..

He knew no one could ever hurt her, let alone him !!

His fears of himself made him let her go..

So much for Selfless Love !!!

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Colours of life

World of Words

She never understood why green was envious,

For her , the  lush greens were the most pacifying sight ..

Or why blue was always depressed,

‘Cause  nothing more than a blue sky could  brighten her day ..

Why was red always fierce, danger and pain,

Red meant love and only love for her ..

Happy yellows meant nothing to her,

As she was the night owl and beloved of the Moon ..

Yet the power of black was unquestionable for her,

Beyond all evil depictions, she stood high and tall, always in black!!!

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Shades of Shadow

Follow her page for more..

World of Words

“Mommy…. “, came the little one running to her. “I want you to draw a picture of shadow for me “, she demanded.

She didn’t quite understand the mysterious smile that Mommy gave her as an answer to her demand. But she knew Mommy would do it for her, because Mommy always did whatever she wanted.

Later that night, as her Papa forcefully shut her eyes at the sight of a hanging shadow, she knew shadows would haunt her forever !!!

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What do you see?

I sent this picture to a group of my friends and asked how the picture is.

While I was expecting a “Wow” surprisingly, the first one to respond said – “This is just mud, what do want us to say?”

That’s a fair response, isn’t it? 😂

The picture was accidentally clicked when I was leveling the mud in the pot. I liked it though because it was one of those moments that was captured, that I enjoy the most. This is true reflection of my love for my plants and my little balcony garden.

I feel sad when I see even a single sign of leaves falling or the flowers drying. I take as much care of them by giving them sufficient water and light so that they can survive any weather conditions.

With that I leave you my masterpiece picture.. 😝

“Those Who Walk Alone have the Strongest Direction”

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Mysterious Senses

Success can be a lonely road. It can be a tough road.It can be a hard road.It’s not for everyone.Those who follow others like sheep will never know who they truly are.Only those who follow their own path can discover their TRUE POTENTIAL.

Those who fly alone have the strongest wings.Those who walk alone have the strongest direction.The rest will always be IN NEED of others for their survival.They will always need attention.Need recognition to survive.You are at peace alone.Needing no attention.No recognition.And STILL you can THRIVE.


I’m not saying those who have support are weak.I’m not saying you must go it alone to gain strength.This is just for those who have fought battles alone,those who have felt like they don’t fit in,those who have never had support in anything they do.All of those who feel no one believes in them…You don’t need them to believe in you IF YOU…

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“Be Gone My Love”

Here’s another writer, whose work I admire. Do check out her posts and follow her page for more.

Mysterious Senses

Be gone my love

Till I rise and bloom

And the darkness dispels

Fade the clouds of gloom

Be gone my darling

Till I find what’s within

And I truly love myself

To love your skin and soul

Be gone my delight

Till I see none layer on

That blocks your rays

Upon me shall you dawn

Stay close my strength

For I cannot fight

Pitch dark the way

And you are my light.


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Focus, Focus And Focus!!!

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World of Words

Focus, they said he lacked , when the numbers began to drop on the  biased comparative scales,

Focus, he was told , at the age of 18 when they weighed his dreams against a safe future …

Focus, they demanded of him , when he was absent from the future they chose from him..

Focus, he told himself, when he finally found a reason to stay..

His pen has started bleeding again, after long, and it all had a perfect ending when they all focused on the best seller of the year !!!

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Quotations From Hamlet

charles french words reading and writing

Hamlet is one of my favorite plays. I consider it to be one of the most difficult, dense, and deep of William Shakespeare’s tragedies. I have read it many times, seen numerous stage and film productions, and have taught it in many of my classes. I have the joy of teaching it this summer in my “Renaissance Plays in Process” class for the Wescoe School of Muhlenberg College, and I will teach it again this fall in “Shakespeare.” I thought, therefore, I would offer a few of the important quotations from the play.



“There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow; if it be now, ’tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come. The readiness is all.” (Act 5. Scene 2. Lines 217-220)

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” (Act…

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The pink bow!

World of Words

The world has been divided into pink and blue forever. As a little kid, little did he know of the repercussions , that came along .

As the family welcomed his little brother, he could think of no best gift than his favourite handcraft.

He never understood why everyone scorned as he placed the little pink bow in his brother’s cradle.

As he grew up, he knew all the answers when all his pink shirts were teased and frowned upon!

But as he bid farewell to the world of monotonous colours, his little brother gave the best bidding gift – The Pink bow!!

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World of Words

Her bath was cold,

It ached all over..

Shivering like a fragile leaf,

She stepped out..

Everything was too cold for her,

The floors, her bed ..

Shades of blue, everywhere !!

She yearned for warmth, all her blankets failed her..

As she saw the lady in the mirror, she just had one doubt..

Was it the mirror , or herself that was Blistered ??

The answers lay all over the place.. All the broken pieces of her lying around!!!

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I would like to refute!

World of Words

“I would like to refute”, he said and the whole class stared at him, in dismay. Even she was staring at him, that hurt the most. As soon as the bell rang, he stormed out of the class and ran straight to the market.

As he saw Appa straining and struggling, he knew he was right. The next day he went up to her and said I had my reasons to refute what the teacher said. And she said smiling gently “I had mine to stare at you! “..

Years later, as she mothered their first child, he saw what he missed his untill then and as she saw the father in him grow and evolve, she knew he was all she missed all that time !!!

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Does she owe you more?

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Smile was she adorned with, Had she stayed near, She wouldn’t have changed, Tumbling over and over again!

Never focused for herself She sought joy in others’- who touched her heart, leaving unhealed scars.

Easy, it is not, To be happy, when you aren’t, Letting go the moment, you are dying to stay back with!

Hope is what they say, They need from her, A hope that shatters , All her linked hopes!

What is it they want? Placed unto them, All she could afford! What else does she owe you?!

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It ain’t all roses!!!

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World of Words

Lilies made her happy …

He always gave her lilies just to see her face brighten up as she saw them ..

The thorns of roses hurt, she’d say, just like her mother !!

And then one day as he came home with lilies for her, he saw her adorned in roses, bleeding from its thorns !!!

He tried his best, but he lost her also to the roses, just like her mother!

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Fatemah Qaderyan’s Indomitable Spirit ~ Vid of the Day

Check out this wonderful post..


On this day, Ayesha and I began following each other’s blogs and I thank her for raising my awareness re [1] her fine writing style and [2] the indomitable spirit of a science/tech savvy, published author and Afghani feminist, Ms. Fatemah Qaderyan.

Were there such a thing as a Thesaurus where words and pictorial representations get cross-indexed, then, whenever we’d be looking up synonyms for terms such as intellectual curiosity, courageousness and heroism we’d find portraits of Qaderyan.

Indeed, this young woman won’t settle for anything less than life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… to see that her gender’s curiosity, imagination, dreams and ambitions are all rewarded… not punished like some sort of crime.

Regrettably, such a stance places her in the unenviable position of being in defiance of the Taliban… jihadists notorious for their barbaric, sociopathic, misogynistic traits… not unlike the set in stone, faults of a…

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Belated Happy Friendship Day!

If you believe in angels, they are around you in the form of your close friends and family and so is the belief in evil. A human has the potential to bring out both either the best or the worst in you. That’s why it becomes so important to surround ourselves with people who can bring out the best.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have found those few yet close friends whom I consider as my angels because they were placed in different phases of my life and helped me to be successful in the journey so far.

When I feared to take risk, the voice said “Go on” I’m here

When I was sad, the voice said “tell me”

When I was happy, the voice said “Why don’t you share your happiness with me? ”

When I felt stagnant, the voice said “Take a different route”

When I told myself I am not worthy to deserve the best, the voice said, ” You deserve more than anyone else”

And this goes on forever..

Thankful to all my friends for being the best ones. And specially all my readers. Now you can also follow me on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. Please find the links below:




Learn as you go

This holds very true for me. During my childhood or I can say until I started my job I had no fascination for books or reading. I was super confident that reading should be the last thing I would have considered as my favorite pastime.

But things changed in the last few years. Once I gained an interest in reading, I haven’t stopped since then. Started by borrowing books from friends initially and later started buying it for myself because I thought it was worth an investment. One after the other, my shelf was filled with all kinds of books from self-development, autobiographies, biographies, fiction, non-fiction and the list goes on.

But what has this story to do with the quote I have highlighted in the featured image? Well, it has. Reading has widened the horizons of my imagination. Reading has helped me to be creative in my writing. To be a better story-teller. It has enabled me to look at every moment of life as an inspirational story that can be penned down to share with the world. I want to write more and more and learn during this process.

Last month, I was attending a corporate conference. The organizer asked a question to the audience, “How many of you think that life is simple, raise your hands”. I raised my hand and there were a couple of other individuals who raised their hands shyly. A lady sitting next to me said,”Guys, be practical. Life cannot be simple”. Probably she was expecting me to put my hand down hearing her words. But that boosted my confidence even more. Because I do think life is simple. Life in itself can’t be simple because of the challenges we come across, but the route we take can be simple without panicking in any situation.

I got this confidence after reading about so many people and their experiences, their failure and success stories.


I recently finished a heartwarming book – “A Man Called Ove” and now reading “When breath becomes Air“.

I posted a couple of blogs in the last few weeks, if you haven’t got a chance to read here they are:

Captured in one frame

You are lucky for me

The Journey called Life

An unavoidable phone call

Happy Weekend, everyone! 🙂


This one came up in my Facebook memory. I had shared a post by someone. Thought it’s a good way to begin our day. 🙂 🌸

Where do I find happiness?

Everyone in this world is striving hard for happiness but the strange fact is that the happiness we strive hard for comes in our life when we give it to others” ~ Mysterious Senses

I’m sharing a wonderful advice shared by a fellow-blogger. Do check out the blogs too. There is some wonderful work which you wouldn’t want to miss.

If you also have any unique advice for the readers please comment on the section below and I’ll try featuring the same in my blog posts. I wouldn’t want them to get lost in the comments. 🙂

~ Ayesha

Be inspired

Finding a reason to be happy? To feel energized? To be determined? To be grounded? Watch – Fatemah Qaderyan speak about her journey.

The stories of refugees and there struggles have always moved me. These days, we have a tendency to feel bad about our own life when we see all those posts on travel, food, fashion, weight loss and the list goes on. We follow a page based on our liking and over a period of time we tend to start getting frustrated on ourselves assuming our life and our achievements isn’t a perfect one.

I am no exception and that’s why I try not to immerse myself too much into it by also staying updated and reading stories of the real heroes whose life may not sound glamorous but still have so much to tell the world with there strength and courage to overcome all the odds.

Their stories is a also an opportunity to be thankful for what we have around us the freedom, the right to education, support of the families, our friends and everyone who have been a part of our journey.

Leaving you all with this powerful story of Fatemah.. Be inspired!