The Home within a Home

This was probably taken a couple of years ago. I usually leave one of the windows in my room open for fresh air. Once when I came back from work, I found two little birds hiding in the corner of the window. Getting a little closer, I was able to make out that they were building themselves a home.

Since I also wanted something to engage myself with, I let them stay there and left the windows open everyday so that they can complete their task for which they were so actively in the process of building that little nest.

I used to check their progress. There were three eggs already in the nest hatching. Days passed by. I started seeing a change in the activities of the parents. They were now coming with food for their little ones. I climbed on my bed to get a close-up view to find three cute babies with an open mouth asking for food πŸ™‚

This was indeed enough for me to feel good about my decision to let them stay. Building a home within a home!



8 responses to “The Home within a Home”

  1. Hey!!! Let the baby bird be in her mom’s nest. 😜
    We also had one for pigeon but it required a lot cleaning of balcony. But yeah, some of them got birth and we were happy to prepare a birth certificate with location, Ankit’s PG. 😜

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  2. In my case , this is not something rare. There are 3 nests in my home..1 in the balcony , 1 at the terrace , and another at the window side.
    So you can have an idea how much chirping i get to hear😁
    Anyway, this is really nice.
    Be happy and keep sharing😊

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