The magic lamp

The magic lamp

Yes, that’s right.

Alladin’s magic lamp from Arabian nights.

The lamp that comes with a bonus of a genie that can fulfill your wish.

The lamp that I bought as a souvenir from my trip to Dubai.

Now, peacefully resting on my desk,

Shining all the time.

Everyone who stops by my desk,

Can’t control themselves from giving a try to rub the lamp,

With an expectation of a genie coming out of it.

Makes me think, no matter how old we are,

We still have a heart of a child,

We stop to think like adults,

And be that silliest person anyone can be.

ThinkΒ  how awesome that would be,

A child in an adult’s body πŸ™‚


11 responses to “The magic lamp”

  1. I like your comment a child in an adults body. I feel this way when I write because imagination is what we learned since we were kids. Just grew up as an adult but at heart we are all kids still.

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  2. I hope the lamp lives forever on your desk because we all need more magic in our lives. Above my writing desk I have a card from my sister tacked to the wall. It’s a painting of a bear, wearing a long gypsy earring, beautiful shawl, and small crown. I keep it there to remind me of magic and fairy tales and to never grow too old to believe in them. And to never outgrow the wonder of childhood. And I’d give that lamp a rub, too. Carefully, because it’s beautiful.

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    • Thank you, Lisa.. πŸ™‚ Amen. From what you described, the painting sounds super cute and adorable. I would love to see it. Do post it on your blog if you get an opportunity. ❀


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